Get Avira Internet Security 2012 Full License For 90 Days (Giveaway)

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We all always wish for a powerful security in our computer systems without compromising performance. I am sure you must have tried a lot of internet security suites for satisfactory results but all lag in one or other feature.

If you-

  • Regularly look up information on the web
  • Access your bank accounts or investments online
  • Shop in online stores or place bids at auction sites
  • Make online phone calls, instant message or social network
  • Use public wifi networks
  • Share your computer with your partner or family members
  • Store your irreplaceable photos, music and videos on your PC
  • Are concerned about what your children might see and do online

Then one of the best security software available in the market for your requirements is Avira Internet Security 2012.

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I am suggesting Avira Internet Security 2012 as it is very different from its ancestors in terms of protection and performance since Avira team has improved their products remarkably.

Avira Internet Security costs Rs.1,748 for 1 year but now you can get it free for 3 months with a promotional offer. I would suggest you all to take advantage of this offer and try the all new Avira Internet Security 2012 for better protection and performance.

Just follow following simple steps to get V.I.P. protection of Avira Internet Security.


1. Visit Avira Internet Security 2012 3 months promotion page.

Click to enlarge

2. Enter the required details and then click on the “Request license now” button.

3. Following page will open, now click the “License Overview” button.

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Click to enlarge

License overview and validity is displayed.

Click to enlarge

4. Download your license (HBEDV.KEY) that you receive through your email and store it on your PC . You will be prompted to import the license during the installation of your Avira product. If you haven’t installed the product already please download it here. The installation requires you to uninstall your existing Avira product first.

Please note: This promotional license is a free offer and can not be used in any commercial activity.

For any queries and help related to our tricks and tips or related to computer hardwares/softwares please comment on our Facebook page; We will reply as soon as possible.

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