Cool easter egg trick for MS Office

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This is small blog, yet an interesting one. Today we’ll show a cool easter egg trick for MS Office 2003 and 2007.

  1. To run the trick in MS Office 2003, first open it and type =rand(). Press enter,easter egg rand() in ms office
  2. Now see what you’ve got, yes some weird looking paragraphs popped up replacing =rand().rand() easter egg trick in ms office

That’s all!

Now delete this crap and type =rand(2,10), here you’ll see 2 paragraphs with 10 lines each. First value is the number of paragraphs while second one is the number of lines in each one of them.

Try using =rand(100,100) and see what happens…

If you,re using MS Office 2007 then use =rand.old () instead. You can also try =lorem() to have more fun.

This is all because of easter egg tricks i.e hidden codes that some products have. Microsoft allows a few and this is one of them.

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