Free download fonts of 35 famous brands

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Wondering how big brands design their logo, wanna know about the typeface they use to make their logo. Your wait is now over. Just sit back and look at these 35 fonts of some of the biggest brands in the market which includes Coca Cola, Google, Puma, Heineken, Ferrari, Hulu, Swatch, Time and many more.


Get the font and write your Heineken logo. And when you get tipsy next time, see if the logo on the bottle matches to what you designed. (Download)

heineken font free download

Walt Disney

The magical logo of the famous production house is derived from its founder Walter Elias Disney. So, next time you watch a Walt Disney movie, give a quick thought on how its designed. (Download)

free download walt disney font


Create a Ferrari logo and paste on your car to give the same feeling. Not everyone can buy it. Don’t know about others but at least I can’t. (Download)

ferrari font to download for free


Remember any other brand with an exclamation mark? No, I guess. (Download)

yahoo font free download


The pioneer of social networking has a logo made in Arial Rounded MT typeface. You even don’t need to download it as its pre-installed in your Windows.

free download myspace font

Coca Cola

One of the oldest beverage brand has a unique typeface called ‘Loki Cola’ that’s named after the brand only. (Download)

download free font for coca cola


One of the famous acronyms in the market has an awesome logo build using a typeface called ‘Men In Blue’. You can recreate the same logo at home by downloading the font. (Download)

free download ibm logo

Rolling Stone

The licious magazine has glittering shiney red logo written in ‘Rolling Rocker font’, which is named after the brand. (Download)

rolling stone font download

Tommy Hilfiger

You must have a few Tommy jeans in your wardrobe. But do you know the font in which its logo is designed? (Download)

tommy hilfiger font free download


The stylish logo of the brand has a ball with it. You can create an exact copy of the brand’s logo by downloading the Pepsi font. (Download)

pepsi font free download


A site connecting near 1 billion people worldwide has a pretty simple logo just like its design and the way it connects people. (Download 1 or Download 2)

facebook font free download

Burger King

Global chain of hamburger has a simple typeface called ‘Insaniburger’, which is derived from the very first burger that the company made. It was called InsaniBurger. (Download)

burger king logo


We’ve been watching the logo since our nappy-days. The German sportswear company has a simple typeface with a beast jumping over the trailing ‘a’. (Download)

free download puma font


It reminds us of those days when birds carry messages from one place to another. Now Twitter does the same, carrying tweets of one user to others who want to follow him. Its logo is designed in ‘Arista’. (Download)

twitter font free download


Ever thought a website would make money by providing links to different websites. Probably not. That’s why Digg is different others, and so does its logo. But its little less attractive than what you and I expect. (Download)

free download digg font


Big brand. Simple Logo. The largest consulting firm in the world has probably the simplest logo of all. Its made in a sister font of Sans Serif Bold. (Download)

accenture logo font


Many aspire, but very few reach there. But you can definitely design a Hollywood, I mean Hollywood logo at home. (Download)

hollywood font download


S-watch, another swiss company that manufacture watches. By the way, Swatch is the largest watch manufacturing company in the world. (Download)

download swtach font for free


The biggest VoIP service has a logo pretty much similar to Twitter. Its logo is designed in ‘Helvetica’. Your computer has it pre-installed. (Download)

skype logo font download


A website that earns 20 times per user more than Facebook. Its logo is simple like most others but has a small rounded corner square over the last ‘in’ of the logo. Its typeface is ‘MyRiad Pro Bold’. (Download)

likedin font download for free


Simple rectangular text is the core of Hulu’s logo, a premium brand to watch online movies and shows. Its typeface is ‘Futura Bold’. (Download)

hulu typeface download


The biggest brand on internet has a uniquely identifying colored logo. Its font name is ‘Catull’. a nice piece of info to tell your friends. (Download)

google logo font download


Though not many peopleĀ go beyond Google but if you do then you must have checked Bing, the search engine by Microsoft. It has a pretty stylish design. (Download)

microsoft bing font


Ever imagined, one day you’ll share video. YouTube makes it possible. Its logo has simple text with a rounded rectangle icon in the background. The font used in of YouTube logo is ‘Alternate Gothic’ which is very close to Century Gothic. (Download)

youtube logo free download


Flickr is one of the very few services of Yahoo that is still alive on internet. Font used in Flickr logo is ‘Frutiger’. (Download)

free download flickr font


It is one of the biggest and the most popular sports channels. It has a simple yet attractive logo with a line crossing over it (Download)

sports channel espn font

The New York Times

You have been reading the biggest news in this newspaper. Now you can download font used in its logo. (Download)

new york times font


So you have always used PayPal for sending and receiving money. Now you can use its simple yet classy font Verdana Bold Italic by downloading it from here (Download)

paypal font download


The famous hunger curbing bar is a simple logo made using the lunch time font named after the bar itself. (Download)

snickers chocolate font

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 has an amazing designer logo. It is short yet communicate a lot to its customers. Fancy using its font? Go ahead and check the download link (Download)

playstation 3 font


The yellow logo of the GoodYear brand is appealing to many. It represents the versatility of the brand in beautiful way. (Download)

goodyear font


A search engine that indexes blog, or can say a Google for blogs, has a pretty straight forward logo. (Download)

technorati font free download logo written with ‘MadType’ font with all characters in small caps. (Download)

lastfm font free download


A video sharing site like YouTube has a pretty soothing, curly logo. Its typeface is ‘Black Rose’. (Download)

free download vimeo font


There are very few logos that use color contrast so nicely. Zopa is one of them that has a typeface named ‘AG Book Rounded Bold’. (Download)

zopa font free download

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