Forward Yahoo mails to Gmail for free

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Bored of using Yahoo Mail and now want to involve with Gmail? If yes, then you might need to forward the existing as well as incoming Yahoo emails to your new Gmail account, to ensure no mails from your Yahoo friends are missed.

Step-1: Prepare your Yahoo account for forwarding

1. Login to Yahoo and goto ‘Mail Options’.

Forward Yahoo mails to Gmail

2. Click ‘Vacation Response’. Check ‘Enable auto-response during these dates’ option, select ‘Until’ date as far as possible and add a message as shown in the image below.

Finally click ‘Save’ to finish the step.

select vacation response, add message and set forwarder for Yahoo mails-2

3. Keep the Yahoo account open in one tab and open Gmail in another tab.


Step-2: Configure Gmail to retrive emails from Yahoo account

1. Login to Gmail, open ‘Settings’.

2. Goto ‘Accounts and Imports’ and click on the ‘Add a POP3 Account of your own’ against ‘Check mail from other accounts’ option.

An incognito window would open up.

check mails and forward from yahoo to gmail-4

3. In the window, enter Yahoo-id [from where emails will forward to Gmail].

enter yahoo email id to forward emails to gmail-5

4. In the next few steps, you’ll be asked to enter password, POP3 port to receive emails and SMTP port to reply the forwarded emails. Choose options according to your requirement. If confused, keep proceeding with default options.

5. Finally a verification code will be sent to your Yahoo-id. Enter it to verify ownership of your Yahoo account.

Forward Yahoo mails to Gmail-7

6. All done! Incognito window will close now. All your incoming mails on Yahoo will now be start forwarding to Gmail.

7. To try if its working, send a test mail to Yahoo-id and see if its forwarded to Gmail.

As we can see in the image below, email containing the confirmation code sent to Yahoo-id is forwarded to Gmail and can be seen in Gmail Inbox.

yahoo mails forward to gmail-8

click to enlarge

Gmail regularly checks for new e-mails in the provided Yahoo account. Any incoming email is shown instantly in the Gmail Inbox. You can view, delete, or even reply to these Yahoo emails from Gmail.

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