Footer information in websites you must include

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If I ask you of the least important section in a webpage – header, mid or footer? I’m sure most of us would answer in favor of the footer section, but it should surprise you that footer section is as important as header section in a webpage. You must have heard of the famous saying ‘shoes are the reflection of human identity’ and footer stands parallel to this. Whenever a visitor looks at the footer section, he must get all the relevant ‘meta’ details regarding a website.

Footer information in websites you must include

A footer section basically includes privacy policy, contact us, copyright info, advertise, contact us that most of us often ignore but contains very vital information regarding website service, authority and its responsibility towards netizens. Let’s check them one by one,

  1. Privacy Policy

    Including a privacy policy page in website footer reflects of website’s obligation towards visitors. For websites using AdSense for revenue generation, its a must thing and absence could lead to account termination. As per the latest AdSense terms by Google a website must hold correct information regarding the visitor details it stores. A website must clearly state if they or any third party service like adsense, adbrite, addthis are collecting any visitor data like browser info, IP address, cookies that contains encrypted username and password or any other info. This is a something that gained a lot of attention in recent times and many bloggers have lost their AdSense account due to absence of privacy policy page.

  2. Copyright info

    Basically a copyright information tells everyone that the website data is an intellectual property of a company/author and they reserves all rights. A website without such copyright info is open to all sorts of plagiarism – content as well as images. It’s just to tell that copying of this data without prior permission of author is illegal and subjected to legal action. A copyright violation can result in myriad consequences – hefty fine or jail towards those who are guilty based on the severity of actions.

  3. Terms of Use

    ‘Terms of Use’ or ‘Terms and Conditions’ provides in the website footer section is something we don’t read but are as important as putting our hidden clothes. This vital information is basically what a company or a author wants visitors to abide by. It includes information on how they wants to share his information, writings, images and everything else posted on the website. They include detailed information like – visitors shouldn’t copy website content and images, prohibiting use of logo and tagline, and similar info. They also include information on how the website approach towards legal action against such fraudulent activities by any visitor. It’s just the opposite of privacy policy.

  4. About Us and Contact Us

    This one is common but still a very important part of footer information. It’s important to get close with your visitors just like you meet new friends. So a website should also tell visitors about its history, services and everything interesting about it in a separate page called ‘about us’. It’s also important to put your contact number, office address, an email form by which they can be in touch with you. This makes it easier for them to mail any query regarding your services, website, careers opportunities or business related proposals directly. Connecting with the potential customers/visitors is as important as retaining old ones. isn’t it?

You can add more links and information to footer section but these four are the important ones for a professional looking website and hence you must include in yours.

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