How to fool your friends on Facebook

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fool your friends on facebookBasically, this blog is scheduled to come on 1st April ’12 but due to my inability in finding something useful this day, I’m up with this blog telling you some fine ways of fooling your Facebook friends (doesn’t matter if it’s 25th December or 1st April!!).

News on Facebook

Some days ago, a rumor stating “Facebook will close by 15th March 2011” rocked Facebook and went viral. To fool your friends, you can do the same by launching some unreal statement concerning Facebook. Friends will give their ‘serious’ feedback on the issue, without checking the ground reality.

Change your relationship status

You can alter your relationship status from single to married (or divorcee) and see your friends pouring tonnes of wishes. Some might ask about your (non-existent) wife while some’ll tell you about the pros and cons of marriage only to find themselves getting fooled by you.

You can enjoy, smile, grin and laugh at comments popping in your Facebook feeds. It’s complete fun, but make sure don’t hurt anyone badly.

Rumor about yourself

This is insane, but you’ve the license to do this on 1st April. You can tell your friends that you’ve been thrown out of the job and you’re searching for another one, or you’ve been jailed for driving car while drunk. You’ll get lots of comments, praying for your well-being.

Post an altered/photoshoped image

Alter any of your image and blend some pain into it. You can post image on Facebook with plaster rolled over your arm. I bet, you’ll get at least 100 comments from friends, most of them asking the reason of your wreckage.

Misleading news about your friend

A bit dangerous, but worth to try for the amount of fun it’ll provide. Spread false information about your friend(s); you can post news of his marriage, break-up, caught by police or anything similar. These sort of news get viral within minutes and you’ll start getting heaps of comments.

Changing birthday to 1st April

An old trick, but doing this on Facebook is worth to try. To fool your Facebook friends, change your birthday to 1st April. They’ll send you wishes and greetings, praying for your long life.

Change your date some days prior to 1st April, otherwise your friends might get a hint of your hidden idea. Apart from this, you can also change your location to some distant country or job in Google.

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