Find fastest DNS server using Namebench for fast internet browsing

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Domain Name System is the mapping of website name with its IP address. Computers, smartphones, servers, and everything connected to internet are identified by a unique id that we call as IP or Internet Protocol address. But remembering IP like is difficult, so we have websites name like, etc in place of the long numerical string of IPs.

How DNS Works?

When someone enters a website name, it converts to by DNS server before forwarding the request to web server. This conversion takes some time which causes delay in quenching of request.

Nearly all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have their own DNS service. In India, BSNL Broadband users inherently use BSNL’s DNS server, while Reliance, Airtel, Sify etc have their own. Users don’t need to explicitly configure the DNS settings for the same ISP.

Speed of DNS servers

All netizens inherently use the DNS server of the ISP. This server can be slow which could make the browsing slower.

There could be some third-party DNS server that’s faster than the existing one for a user. In  other words, a BSNL Broadband user can have a faster Reliance DNS server nearer to his place. And by switching to it, a much faster browsing speed can be achieved.

Find fastest DNS server using Namebench

Namebench is an open source software that searches the fastest DNS server for an internet user. Using Namebench is easy, all one need is to download the software and run it [No installation]. Next provide the country name and browser, and start the search.

running namebench for finding fastest DNS server

The software would show up a report after 10-15 minutes, wherein a comparative analysis of top 10 DNS service is shown. Also, IPs of top 3 recommended DNS servers is shown to the user. By switching to these recommended DNS servers, latency in IP-website mapping can be reduced and internet browsing speed can be improved.

use namebench to find fastest dns service

click to expand

Here you can see how full Namebench report looks like – Demo NameBench Report.

Add fastest DNS server to computer

Final step is to add the DNS server IPs to the system. Follow these steps to do this,

1. Goto Control Panel>Network Connections. Right click on Network(Broadband/Dial-Up/Wifi) and click ‘Properties’.

2. Next click ‘Networking’ and select ‘Internet Protocol Version 4(IPv4)’.  Click ‘Properties’.

fastest dns server for faster internet browsing-1

3. Copy the top 2 DNS server IPs from Namebench report and enter as shown in the image below.

find fastest dns using namebench-2

4. Click ‘OK’ and exit.

The new faster DNS server(s) is now activated for the system. This will reduce latency and make the internet browsing faster.

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