Features of Windows 8 operating system, latest version of windows

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The buzz around the windows 8 release date is all over internet these days. Microsoft has released a developer preview for everyone to see what the latest windows 8 would feature. This preview was released on September 13, 2011 and is available on their website. The release date of this latest version of windows has not been decided yet, but it is rumored to come out in late 2012.

Even though, it is not yet out, it has become popular because of the thrilling features associated with it. Many websites and articles are already referring to the features of Windows 8 as groundbreaking. Most of the data in this article is not officially announced and are based on the leaked out information from developers.

So what is different in Windows 8? Well a lot, apparently this time Microsoft wants to make a greater impact by making some significant changes to their operating system.

The following are some of the key features of Windows 8 as all can’t be mentioned since there are so many.

  1. Tile based start up
    Tile is a rectangular interface program resembling the icons but it has many more enhancements in the windows 8 as compared to the previous versions. You can see the folders, programs, fresh mails, weather report, everything in tiles on your desktop. The feature of the stock ticker file will notify you about the latest status of your chosen shares. In a nutshell, this feature of windows 8 will allow you to get the latest update in a program without opening it.
  2. USB 3.0
    A bombastic addition to the latest windows 8 by techno giant Microsoft. Windows 8 is packed in with drivers supporting a much faster USB 3.0, which is said to be 10 times faster than USB 2.0. With such a speed you can land on Jupiter in a day or two, I guess! Read more stuff on USB 3.0 superspeed.
  3. Windows App Store
    With the popularity of applications hitting the smartphones, windows is introducing a similar app store for the latest windows 8 operating system as well. Now users can access various apps for windows 8 and buy the ones they like.
  4. Windows To Go
    Probably the most talked about feature of Windows 8. ‘Windows To Go’ means that user can have their windows on their flash drive and use this flash drive on any computer. All the user settings and files will remain in the flash drive. The user will not be required to take independent files now. If the flash drive is removed at an instant then the computer will freeze for 60 seconds unless the flash drive is inserted. This will allow the information of the user to remain secure. Isn’t it awesome? Know more about ‘Windows To Go’ in windows 8.
  5. Metro-Style Interface
    Another awesome feature of Windows 8 operating system is the user interface . The start screen and other options will be customizable and various shortcuts will be displayed on the start screen in a metro-style look. Users can however go back to the original windows look as well if not using the start screen. You can check metro style interface in windows 8 operating system here.
  6. Hyper-V Support
    Hyper-V will be integrated into latest Windows 8 like before but the client integration which wasn’t added earlier will be supported this time. Hyper users will be able to run 32-bit and 64-bit virtual machines on top of Windows 8.
  7. Improved booting
    This one is for the critics, this awesome windows 8 feature includes an improved OS boot up and shutdown time. Microsoft has come up this time with a new “connected standby” state which is low power idle. Microsoft Windows 8 operating system will have an increased start time by 70 percent. Check booting time of windows 8 live in action.
  8. Semantic Zoom
    This feature of Windows 8 allows the users to use two fingers on screen to pinch onscreen element or reverse pinch them so as to activate secondary display. With this feature, you would be able to view full display on one screen and/or arrange and rename onscreen elements. Here is an explanation of Semantic Zoom in Windows 8.
  9. Runs on any device
    Latest windows 8 will be able to bridge the gap between laptops, desktops, slates, tablets and phones. It can work on any of these devices also on regular X86 and sos chips. Now you will have a touch screen options in Windows 8 even on your desktop, and you will have access to the mouse even on the tablet. Navigation will be easier, and windows 8 will make all the devices coincide. Now you will able to develop an application that can be run on all devices with the help of Windows 8. Take a breath before reading further, lot more coming
  10. Cloud Synchronization
    This feature of windows 8 operating system is an incomparable addition. In this, you will be allowed to store your data on a cloud server, and you need not fear of losing them in case your drives crash. It is not yet confirmed whether this cloud store will be Microsoft cloud server or some third party. Know about the basics of cloud computing.
  11. Internet Explorer 10
    It’s no longer a matter of browser fight as Microsoft has put all its effort in making IE10 a best place to run apps. Internet Explorer of Windows 8 has full support to all web standards except WebGL, has spell checker, improved phishing detection, text shadow and more.
  12. Improved Multitasking
    Much improved multitasking is another feature of windows 8 that has attracted many people. Windows 8 will be able to multitask in full-tablet mode which will make it stand ahead in emerging tablet competitive market. Windows 8 will also allow users to view two apps at a time by docking app which snaps app to one side of screen.
  13. Refresh and Reset
    This new Windows 8 feature will allow users to to back up all the photos, videos, pictures, files, your customizations, reinstall Windows and reapply everything back to the system in just 4-5 minutes. Windows 8 will also allow returning PC to its factory clean state by cleaning it and reinstalling it using Push Button Reset.

There are many more features in the latest Windows 8 and we would be adding those very soon. Do push your comment to know what’s your perception of the latest windows from Microsoft.

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