Facebook to sue Mark Zuckerberg, its no joke!

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The title isn’t ripped off the air, it headlines a fact. Yes, Facebook threatened to sue Mark Zuckerberg.

One Israeli entrepreneur, previously named as Rotem Guez had his name changed to Mark Zuckerberg. This all started when he dragged Facebook to court when they refused to return his hacked Facebook account without any legitimate reason.

The story took an interesting turn when Facebook responded with a lawsuit of its own asking Rotem Guez to shut its ‘Like Store’ that’s involved in selling Facebook likes to people.

Facebook says, its a blatant violation of Facebook terms and conditions.

In the letter, Perkins-Coie, legal counsel for Facebook asked Rotem Guez to stop such a violation till 15 Spetember 2011 which was later extended to 19 December 2011.

They asked Guez to stop,

  1. Using Facebook for any purpose whatsoever in future.
  2. Stop developing, selling, promoting or any such activity through his firm or any other firm he owns/works for.
  3. Never mislead Facebook users in any other way in future.
  4. Must remove references of Facebook from everything he owns, including his firm, website, and personal and professional profile.

Mr. Rotem Guez responded to Facebook in a bit fluky manner. In December 2011, he told the world that he has officially changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg and owns a Facebook Page called I’m Mark Zuckerberg, which currently has over 3400 likes. Now, it would be interesting to know if Facebook takes down the page or not!

Here is a snapshot of I’m Mark Zuckerberg Facebook page,

facebook suing mark zuckerberg

Profile Page of I'm Mark Zuckerberg

He also denied of violating terms and conditions of Facebook saying that likes sold by him comes from real users.

In the entire name-changing process, caught in the middle were the poor Israeli officials who were confused while taking his application. The entire scene was quite funny that you can watch in the video,

In 14 December 2011, Facebook again sent a letter to Rotem Guez telling him that they are planning to sue Mark Zuckerberg (formerly Rotem Guez).

However, its still a mystery whether this story is a fact or pure drama to gain worldwide attention.

Since the news flashed on the national television of Israel, it became headlines all over the world. Rotem Guez said that, if Mark Zuckerberg is allowed to sell likes then he is also officially ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ and now he wants to see if Facebook sues Mark Zuckerberg or now.

Let’s wait and see how this drama unfolds, we’ll update the content as soon as something new comes in.

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