Facebook shortcuts for easy navigation across Facebook pages

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Facebook does provides some cool shortcuts for users to navigate across different pages. You can easily see your notifications, write messages, go to accounts and privacy settings, and do more stuff directly by using the inbuilt shortcuts provided by Facebook.

These Facebook shortcuts works differently for different browsers, so mark you browser and see how to use them.

facebook shorcuts to know

If you’re working on Windows, here are the shorcuts keys that work in Chrome, Safari and Opera,

  • Alt+?: Search friends
  • Alt+m: new message
  • Alt+1: Home page
  • Alt+2: Your profile/timline page
  • Alt+3: All friend requests
  • Alt+4: See messages
  • Alt+5: All notifications
  • Alt+6: Account settings
  • Alt+7: Privacy Settings
  • Alt+8: Facebook’s own Facebook page
  • Alt+9: Facebook Terms/Agreement Page
  • Alt+0: Facebook help center Page

For Mozilla Firefox browser, you need to press ‘Shift’ key before ‘Alt’ key. So, to see notifications you need to type Shift+Alt+5 rather than Alt+5 in Firefox browser.

In Internet Explorer, you need to press ‘Enter’ after each command, ie Alt+?+Enter to trigger search in Facebook.

Mac users need to use, Ctrl+Option before each of the commands.

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