Essential qualities to become a successful blogger

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Journey of Blogging is slow like an old Raj Kapoor classic wherein a love story goes through hundreds of twists and turns before reaching ‘I love you’ somehow and somewhere around the finishing line. Well love stories don’t but blogging does ask us for the application of each and every inch of our temple starting from retina through to the underlying grey matter.

So for struggling bloggers like me here are some essential qualities to make a blog successful and carve your name alongside some successful bloggers,

  1. Love to read and write

    To become a successful blogger one should be addictive to reading and writing. Reading books, magazines, newspaper articles and blogs help a blogger to increase his knowledge base and improve his writing skills by extracting the juice of others writing style. A blogger should write quality stuff that he loves to write about. Trying to cover ‘out of world’ topics without any knowledge of the underlying idea don’t help your blogging site.

  2. Patience and time

    Probably the two most essential qualities a blogger needs to have. You can’t just write a blog today and another one some fortnight later, there must be continuity in blog posting. It’s evident that a blog takes some time to become visible in search engines. As you post more blogs and submit to social media and social bookmarking sites it starts getting backlinks and search engine performance improves gradually.

  3. Visualization capabilities

    A blogger must have sound visualization capabilities to write blogs ahead of time. Such blogs won’t fetch you any stars at present but can do wonders in future. Good understanding of topics makes it easier to write such blogs, thus a professional blogger should be a good learner and a serious thinker.

  4. Unique style of writing

    Style differentiates a ‘class’ from a ‘masterclass’. Try and keep a unique style for writing blogs. This will have a different impression on your readers and provide them an another reason to remember your name and blog. This is one such essential quality that can cover up your mistakes as readers sometimes miss the flaw amid crispy and attractive writing.

  5. Open minded and competitive

    Always keep an eye on what other bloggers are doing. Compare features, content as well as functions that your competitors are putting on their website. Keep track of the visitors and RSS readers, and reply to comments posted to your blogs whenever possible. Remain in touch with other bloggers and share ideas with them, this would help in increasing your knowledge base.

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