How to encrypt pen drive files and folders using TrueCrypt [Part-2]

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One we’ve configured Pen drive as a TrueCrypt volume, its now time to place data inside pen drive to encrypt it. As data is copied in pen drive, it gets encrypted on-the-fly and as its moved out of it, its decrypted.

Hide personal file and folders in pen drive using TrueCrypt

1. Run TrueCrypt and click on any virtual drive you see in the window. Drive letter of pen drive and the chose one should different. Click ‘Select Device’ to proceed.

encrypt pen drive data using truecrypt-1

2. Select pen drive partition and click ‘OK’.

encrypt pen drive data using truecrypt-2

3. Next click ‘Mount’ and enter password when asked. A TrueCrypt volume must be mounted for user to interact(save, read, alter, delete) with the encrypted data.

pen drive file and folders encryption using truecrypt-3

4. Once the mounting is done, you’ll see the created volume against the virtual drive letter selected in step1.

pen drive data encryption using truecrypt-4

5. The virtual drive would be displayed in the ‘My Computer’ section alongside other system drives. This drive is ‘virtual’, hence doesn’t exist in real. And all files and folders to be encrypted has to go inside this drive, which in fact is saving to the pen drive. [We can say, virtual drive just to make things easier for user.]

encrypt pen drive using truecrypt-5

click to enlarge

5. Now copy any file – music, doc, txt or folder to this virtual drive.┬áData is encrypted as soon as its saved to the virtual drive.

pen drive file and folder encryption with TrueCrypt-6

data saved to virtual drive

6. To make pen drive data inaccessible to others, just dismount it.

Now carry the pen drive wherever you want. The files, folders in pen drive can’t be accessed by anyone till its mounted by providing the correct password [as we did in step3].

pen drive data encryption with Truecrypt data encryption software-7

TrueCryt encryption is unbreakable. So your data can’t ever be read by anyone except you, not even by the FBI.

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