How to encrypt pen drive data using TrueCrypt [Part-1]

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TrueCrypt is a freeware that encrypts data in computer as well as external storage device like a Pen Drive. TrueCrypt security is unbreakable and data can only be read by person having a 20 character long alphanumeric password. To know more about TrueCrypt, its feature and how it works, you can refer our previous article ‘Encrypt files, folders and drives with TrueCrypt, a security even FBI can’t breach

In today’s tutorial, we’ll learn to encrypt pen drive data using TrueCrypt data encryption software.

Encrypting Pen drive data using TrueCrypt

1. First download TrueCrypt and install it to your computer.

2. Once the installation finishes, start TrueCrypt. Select any of the listed drive letters and click on ‘New Volume’ button at the bottom.

encrypt pen drive data using truecrypt-1

3. Next select the second radio button labelled ‘Encrypt a non-system partition/drive’. Here we declare that the new volume would be on a portable device such asPen Drive. Click ‘Next’.

encrypt file and folders in pen drive using truecrypt-2

4. Select first option labelled as ‘Standard TrueCrypt volume’ and hit ‘next’ button.

data encryption using Truecrypt data encyption software-3

5. Now select Pen Drive partition as the a TrueType volume. Carefully follow the steps in the image below,

pen drive data encryption using TrueCrypt data encyption software-5

click to expand

6. Select first option labelled ‘Create encrypted volume and format it’, and click ‘next’.

encrypt file and folders using TrueCrypt data encryption-6

7. Select your encryption algorithm and hash algorithm. These are the highly secure algorithms in which the data will be enrypted. First time users should leave the default entries and hit ‘next’ button.

pen drive encryption using TrueCrypt-7

8. Volume size is the total size of your pen drive. Click ‘next’.

encrypt pen drive data using TrueCrypt-8

9. Provide a highly secure 20 character long alphanumeric password. Your password should be alphanumeric and more than 20 characters.

encrypt pen drive file and folders using TrueCrypt data encryption software-9

10. Select Yes/No option. If undecided, leave the default entry and click ‘Next’.

pen drive data encryption with TrueCrypt-10

11. Select quick format, and hit the format button to start formatting the pen drive. Click ‘Yes’ when alert appears.

TrueCrypt encryption of pen drive data-11

12. Your TrueCrypt volume is successfully created.

encrypting pen drive file and folders with TrueCrypt-12

pen drive file and folders encryption-13

All done! We’re now ready to encrypt pen drive data.

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