Encrypt file and folders using TrueCrypt data encryption software

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We encrypt data to hide it from outside world. This practice is prevailing from ages, and is continuing till now. But more than 90 percent of data encryption softwares have loopholes and can easily be broken. So, programs like ‘Folder locks’ are just to provide you a fake feeling of security but in fact, are useless when a bruteforce attack is launched on them.encrypt files, folders and drives with truecrypt

But there is one small software, a freeware called TrueCrypt that allows encryption of files and folders contained in the computer and portable device like Pen Drive. TrueCrypt encryption is so strong that even the best criminals and the FBI can’t peek into the encrypted data.

TrueCrypt, as the name suggests encrypts files and folders to prevent it from unauthorized access. Encrypted data can only be read (i.e decrypted) by the one having a 20 character long alphanumeric password. There is absolutely no other way to read the data as its encrypted by some of the most secure data encryption algorithm like AES, DES, Twofish and others.

Here are some features of TrueCrypt,

  1. Can encrypt file, folder, computer drive (C/D/E…) or an entire portable drive like Pen Drive.
  2. Encrypt entire system hard disk including the system C: drive without any problem.
  3. Encryption is automatic and done on the fly. It means when an encrypted file is opened, its automatically decrypted and when a file is saved to the TrueCrypt container, its automatically encrypted on the fly.
  4. Encryption is speedy, there is no delay in processing. But the process can be made faster with powerful processors.
  5. Pipelining and parallelization allows faster encryption-decryption just as if the drive is not encrypted.
  6. Encryption is done using some of the most secure data encryption algorithms like AES, DES, TwoFish etc. They are virtually unbreakable, even by the FBI.

Here is a explanation of how TrueCrypt works and why its so secure,

After installing TrueCrypt, user makes a file called TrueCrypt Volume. This file has a hidden virtual drive (just like C:/D:/E: drives of system). All our file to be encrypted/decrypted is to be placed in this virtual drive.

By default, this virtual drive is hidden. It can only be seen and interacted after mounting it by providing a long alphanumeric password. After mounting, this drive is visible in ‘My Computer’ window alongside other system drives.

encrypt data using truecrypt data encryption algorithm

click to exapnd

We just need to put data(any file or folder) inside the virtual drive to encrypt it. As data is copied inside the drive, encryption is done on the fly. And as its taken out/read from the drive, decryption is done automatically. The process is so fast that it appears as if the drive isn’t encrypted at all.

By unmounting the TrueCrypt volume, we make the all encrypted data inaccessible to others. Though, they reside in the system but encryption is unbreakable.

TrueCrypt is the most used data encryption software with over 23,279,870 downloads since its launch in 2008. The average per day downloads is staggeringly over 11,000.

Download your TrueCrypt data encryption software and start encrypting files, folders and drives.

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