How to easily reach Facebook team for critical issues

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reach facebook to stop abuseWe use Facebook to connect with friends and have fun, but there are people who use Facebook to harass and bully people.

Use of offensive language, attacks on nationality, religion, ethnicity and race is common in social media sites, especially Facebook.

If you’ve encountered any one of such problem(s), then this blog would tell you the ways to deal with this and directly reach the Facebook team, when required.

Tackle abusive content

When Facebook users post any content on the site, there is always a “Report” link available. The abusive content might be in the form of video, any event, link or photo. If you find anyone of them with abusive content, look for the “Report” link which is always there for your help.

option to report an image to facebook team

Prevent these people from posting abusive content

When you’re on Facebook, the ball is in your goal and you can play it the way you want. Facebook has a blocking feature that allows you to block any person harassing you.

block anyone directly on Facebook

Best way to block abusers

Go to your Privacy Settings and you’ll see an option to block friends and apps. Simply add the name (s) of the person you want to block and you’re done.

block friends harassing or abusing you

After blocking the person, he or she will not be able to send you personal messages, contact you, view your profile and find you in searches.

Directly reach Facebook team to complain about critical issues

Irrespective of what critical issue you are encountered with, you can directly complain to the Facebook team. Just click the link and follow simple instructions.

What if, I do not want to block the person?

If you want to teach a lesson to the person without blocking him or her, and then there are simple ways to do this.

Best protection against such activities is to recognize them, follow these steps only when you are confident,

  1. Never reply to bullies: If you think that you do not want to get into any abusive argument then do not respond to those bullies.
  2. Do not hide anything from Facebook: Facebook has provided Trusted Friend tool which you can use to send that content to your trusted friend. Send the content to only the person you think can deal meticulously. After you sending the report, Facebook will also receive a copy of that content.
  3. Contact your ISP: Your internet service provider can also help you deal such abusive problems related to any critical issue. Simply save the message and send it to them. This should be your last option if all other options runs out.
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