Download all your data from Google services to your computer

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Google launched a service called Google Takeout that allows you to download and save all your data from Google servers to your computer system.

This helps you in accessing your data when you’re offline or to use it when you don’t have an internet connection.

You can download data from any or all Google services like Picasa, Google Plus. Additionally you can get your contact, +1s, voice data and more.

Here is how you can do this,

1. Login to Google Takeout entering Google username and password.

2. On Google Takeout’s homepage, you can see all the services from which you can take-out data. To download data from all Google services click ‘All you data’ tab and click ‘create archive’.

download private data from Google services to computer

3. To draw data from selected services, press ‘choose service’.

select-google-services-to-takeout-data copy

Next, click on the service name to select them. After selecting one or more service, finally click ‘archive’.

selected-google-services-would-pop-out-with-details copy

4. Next Google starts compiling all your data. Once completed, click the ‘download’ tab.

5. You might need to renter password. Your download starts within a few seconds.

6. Save it your computer. This download contains all information you wanted from Google.

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