Download and install XAMPP local web server (localhost)

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You always don’t have the luxury of web server to execute your PHP or JSP code. But with the help of a local web server you can design websites, write WordPress plugins, Facebook and Twitter apps, and then check them before putting on the remote server. No need to purchase costly web servers to do the same.

In the tutorial, we’ll cover everything, right from downloading the package to its installation and execution.

Download XAMPP package

Goto XAMPP’s website to download the pacakge. Here you can opt for the full pack as well as the XAMPP lite which is devoid of certain features.

Here is the download link for XAMPP local web server.

Install XAMPP local web server

Once you’ve downloaded the package, run the installation and follow these steps,

If you’re installing on Windows Vista, a alert may appear asking you not to install XAMPP in C://Program Files due to limited user permission. Click ‘OK’ to continue. In other windows, no such message would appear.

Start the installation.

start xampp installation-2

Its better to skip C: drive and install XAMPP in any other drive. Here we’ll be installing it in D: drive.

set installation drive to D not C-3

Choose your options and start installation. If undecided, leave the default options.

create desktop icon for xampp-4

Installation would start.

xampp local server installation starts-5

Installation completes.

localhost xampp installed successfully-6


Once installation is finished. You’ll see a box at the bottom-right corner.

Click on the ‘start’ button against each services to start them. Firewall may block the service, so unblock it when prompt appears.

start xampp locahost server-8

Now open your web browser and enter localhost/xampp. This would open up the XAMPP’s homepage. Next, Choose your language as English.

open locahost in web browser-10

click to expand

Now your local web server is started and is ready to execute applications.

In our next tutorial, we’ll learn how to run web applications using XAMPP.

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