Download all data from Google services says Data Liberation Front

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Recently some sources have informed that some ‘Data liberation Front’ launched a service called ‘Google Takeout’ that allows Google users to generate a backup of private data from all or some particular Google services as they feel there might be a case when a user wants to move out of Google services or need an offline access to the online located data.

Here is the message from Data Liberation Front who developed this service.

I must admit most of you must got scared before watching this video, thinking ‘Hell! Data Liberation front must be cyber criminals’.

Now back to serious talks, lets see how you can download your private data from Google services using the new ‘Google Takeout’ service,

1. Go to Google Takeout and login.

login to google takeout

Login to Google Takeout


2. Now you’re on your Google Takeout homepage. Here you have 3 options – download data contained in all Google services, from selected services and work with your Takeout history of the past 7 days.

2.1 To download everything, click archive (‘All of your data’ tab)

google takeaway, create archieve

Google Takeaway, create archieve


2.2 If you want to takeout data from one or more services, click to select ‘Choose services’ tab. After selecting this tab you’ll see services you’ve accessed. Here is a snapshot,

select google services to takeout data

Select Google services to takeout data from


2.2.1 Now select services by pressing tabs. You can select any number of services, here I have chosen 2 i.e Buzz and Picasa Web Album. Selected service pop out at the top, as shown in the image. Once selected, click archive,

selected google services would pop out with details

Selected Google services would pop out with details


2.3 The download option just carries a list of previous Google Takeout operations of the last 7 days. If you’ve created an operation on 24th you can download, alter it within 7 days i.e till 31st.

3. Now its time to takeout/download data from Google (it’ll still be on Google, u’ll not lose anything – don’t worry). Once you see the download option, click it.

download your data from google by goolge takeout

Download your data using Google Takeout


4. Google would now ask you to re-enter password for security reasons. Do so and your download starts,

login again

Login again for security reasons


5. Now backup would automatically start to download to your system. It’ll have all data, from different services in different folders.

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