Do’s and don’ts in placing Google ads

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I have tried multiple location for Google ads in my website, sometimes I put it in the header section while sometimes below headings and along the sidebar. It was until last week when I actually found that I was making some horrible mistakes that might have resulted in my Google AdSense account termination.

AdSense account, if lost never comes back. So, for a noble cause here is what you should keep in mind while placing Google ads in your website,

  1. Don’t ever try to trick users by placing ads in confusing manner. If you’re doing so and still earning good then you should curb this as who knows, some day you might lose your AdSense account.
  2. Put informative and high quality content. Most people aren’t aware but many AdSense publishers lost this account due to poor quality content.
  3. Keep proper spacing between content and ads. Don’t put ads adjacent to images – its criminal.
  4. Don’t put any tag like ‘Featured posted’ or anything similar above ad units. You can explicitly call them ‘Advertisement’ or ‘Sponsored Links’, but nothing else. Google thinks this as an attempt to gain clicks.
  5. Make sure no part of Google ads is hidden including ‘Ads by Google’ text.
  6. It’s not allowed to place Google ads within iframes or altering its look/performance in any way using codes after creation.
  7. Ads should’t be placed on image extensive sites like photography, web design that usually have very less textual content. If you’re still using, then it should be with utmost care.
  8. Google don’t allow AdSense ads to be placed in chat service or any ajax based services in a website.
  9. Google ads can’t be put in static divs or highlighted in any other manner prompting users to click on them.
  10. Google ads, mainly links unit must not placed along the menu with identical design/structure.

Apart from these top here are two biggest things that one should know if having an AdSense account with Google,

  1. Never ask anybody to click on ads and never do the same by yourself – its a criminal mistake that most novice publishers makes.
  2. If using Google ads in website, it must to put privacy policy in website. Latest AdSense terms of use made this mandatory for all publishers.
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