Domain vs Website vs Hosting, know the difference

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To visit a website, we type its domain name. To visit Yahoo we type in, similarly we enter for the Facebook website.

difference between domain and website

Domain is an identifying string to connect with a website on internet. It has an IP and a particular format.

All the domain names and their IP(s) are enlisted in DNS or Domain Name System which is a type of database that holds entries like phone-book.

Website is a collection of files and folders. They process request and provide response.

You enter, a request is sent to Google’s website and the homepage shows up in response. As you enter search query, a request, results show up as response. This work of processing requests and giving out response is all done by the website.

Third thing to discuss here is the hosting.

Websites are visited 24×7 so they must be placed on a system called server which is online 24×7. Web Hosting is a space on web server where website files, folders, uploaded data are hosted or placed. Hosting companies provide this space on rent to website owners. There are different hosting plans such as shared, Virtual Private Hosting, Dedicated depending on the type of website and traffic it generates.

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