Difference between Facebook page and Facebook group

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Facebook pages and groups allow you to connect with people and organisations sharing common interest with you. Though, both appear almost the same, works almost the same but there are lots of difference between the two.

Here, we unveil you the exact use of both and also mention the big points of difference between Facebook page and Facebook group.

What are they?

difference between facebook page and facebook group

Facebook page and groups can be created by anyone. But Facebook pages are usually preferred by organisations and firms where multiple admins can manage the page. On the other hand, Facebook groups are created by people who share common intetest and like to discuss things between them. Its usually a non-professional form of page wherein only thoughts are put forward and disussions are done.

The Big point of differences

  1. Anyone can like a page and connect with it. But a member must be added to a group by the administrator to involve with the group.
  2. There is no limitation of how many people can like a page. But in groups, there is some limit. Also, some features become non-functional when the group size increases beyond a limit.
  3. All posts on Facebook pages are available to everyone on web. Anyone can go to the page and the see the posted stuff. In groups, privacy settings can be set to forbid people from viewing the posts. In groups, a discussion can be made in private or in public. Groups offer more privacy than Facebook page.
  4. When a page posts new update, its shown to everyone who liked it. Its shown in their news feed. On the contrary to this, whenever something is posted in a group, all the members are notified of it.
  5. Groups are often annoying as you keep on receiving notifications for the new posts, likes as well as for every comment posted. You can however set privacy settings and prevent receiving such notifications. While pages doesn’t have such problem as you receive notification only when you engage with any post, either by likening, commenting or sharing.
  6. You can track the performance of a Facebook page by viewing insights. You can also make apps to allow people to better engage with your page. Facebook groups differ in this respect as they are devoid of all these things. They’re solely for exchanging information.

What should I create?

If you run a firm or an organisation , you need to create page. It has everything that a firm need to increase its market.

But if you’re intended to do lighter talks with friends on certain topics like corruption, reservation or anything else then create a Facebook group and start discussing.

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