Difference between Aakash, UbiSlate 7 and Aakash 2

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Last evening, I received multiple queries of my readers asking whether its better to buy Aakash, UbiSlate-7 or Aakash-2 tablet. After answering some them I got to know of the exact reason why such questions are creeping in their brain.

Basically, they are confused regarding the exact difference between Aakash, UbiSlate-7 and Aakash-2 tablets. They are facing problems in correctly identifying these tablets, their configuration and price.

Today, we’ll see what these tablets are and which one is better for students and common buyers.

First check this diagram,

difference between aakash, ubislate-7 and aakash-2

Now, here is the actual difference between these three tablets,


  1. The tablet developed by Datawind, a London based firm.
  2. Its a China made product with 700Ghz processor, 256Mb RAM, 5 hours battery, Wi-Fi, GPRS and SIM facility. It comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
  3. Its price is Rs. 3000.
  4. To purchase, pre-book your tablet at aakashtablet.com.


  1. This is developed in collaboration by Datawind and students of IIT Rajasthan.
  2. It’s an Indian product with 366Mhz processor, 256Mb RAM, 3hrs battery, Wi-Fi. It comes with Android 2.2 Froyo.
  3. Its price is $35 (Rs. 1500) for students and $60 (Rs 3000) for commercial sale.
  4. First batch of 30,000 tablets sold out within 36 hours, after the online sale started on 16th December ’11 (aakashtablet.com). The introductory price was Rs. 2,500. The tablet should be in the retail market by late December ’11 or early January ’12.


  1. It’s an improved version of Aakash tablet, expected to release by Feb ’12. IIT Rajasthan has finalized the improvements in Aakash-1(Aakash) tablet.
  2. Aakash-2 will have 800Mhz processor, 1Gb RAM, better battery, inbuilt webcam, better sound quality. Problem of system overheating would be solved and support to all file formats would be provided in the coming Aakash-2 tablet.
  3. Aakash-2 is very much similar in configuration to UbiSlate-7 but expected to have higher RAM and some additional features. Many websites might say UbiSlate 7 = Aakash 2, but there is a fine line between the two.
  4. Improvements suggested by the students of IIT Rajasthan, expected to launch in Feb-March ’12.
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