Difference between 3G and 4G technology for mobile phones

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difference between 4g and 3g technology for mobile phonesThough we use these terms in daily life but when it comes to buying a 3G or 4G phone we get confused more often than not.

‘G’ stands for generation of mobile technology. First there was 1G for analog phones, then came 2G for digital phones and now we have 3G and 4G to our service. The two latter technologies are most mysterious ones.

Understanding the difference between 3G and 4G is the best way to decide which one is more suitable for you. Here are some key differences between the two,


Before the advent of 4G, 3G was considered to have provided the best speed because there was no other alternative, but 4G transmission speed is undoubtedly 5 times faster since 4G Technology does not depend on how the network has been implemented. 3G speed is amazing in GSM, but 4G offers 10 times faster speed on CDMA network, that is why it is getting popularity in India.

Transfer Rate

4G is also popular because of its transfer rate. It is ten times faster than 3G technology that makes people to switch from 3G to 4G. You can transfer your data in no time if your signals are strong. But this fast transfer rate is not possible on your 3G technology. For example, your computer network and third generation computer has the ability of transferring up to 2 megabits/second, which cannot be advanced or increased. 4G Technology with its advanced characteristics has the capability of transferring about 100 megabits/second. The rate of transfer data is the most specific difference between 3G and 4G technology.


As far as the network of the cell phone is concerned, cell phone users can enjoy data services and speech at the same time. Users can save their time while using multimedia and heavy games which takes longer time to download. 4G provides better internet connectivity and faster speed, which is not available in 3G. But, cell phone users in India might have to wait for a few months to feel the pulse of 4G technology.

Battery life

3G and 4G technologies differ in terms of battery they consume. This is a fact that when you download anything on your phone with 4G technology, it takes less time in comparison to 3G technology, but 4G uses most of the battery power. So make sure your battery is charged completely before downloading any data.

Switching Technology

You will notice that 3G technology is equipped with circuit switching network nodes and packet switching, but it does not mean it is superior to 4G because as it has only packet switching infrastructure. As far as the 3G and 4G bandwidth is concerned, it is same in both the technologies. Users will have more advantages using 4G because next time you receive any call from anyone, you can find out its IP address which is not possible in 3G network.


If you spend most of your time travelling in cars, railways or any public transport, 4G will provide you additional benefits of communication; because its data rate is 1 gigabit for walking & stationary users and 100 megabits for zigzag driving. 4G performance is far better than 3G Network anywhere as the quality and performance is specified by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). So, next time you go anywhere in your car, you are not supposed to get worried about any data transfer or weak signals irrespective of what cell phone you are using.


What I love about 4G Technology making it more reliable and dependent is its unique feature of connectivity which is not influenced by any bad weather condition. Now, you can completely enjoy your communication freedom even when you are engulfed with harsh atmosphere around.

Advanced Security

Users should not forget that all kinds of broadband technology, a sense of security weakness is associated which is not guaranteed by the service provider. Internet is such a place where latest and advanced technology is tested which makes the users vulnerable to pirates. 4G offers additional cover of security and confidentiality. This is one big difference between 3G and 4G technology for mobile phones.

4G availability in India

Mobile phone users in India will have access to 4G technology in next few months as the Government of India is holding talks about auction process to distribute 4G spectrum that is held by the Defense Ministry. But, it will still take more time for 4G to reach all over India because 3G is yet to reach several Indian cities. 4G network will ease communication system in rural areas where network is always slow and weak. In addition to this, it will also provide better and faster internet services to mobile phones.

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