How to design a killer cover image for Facebook timeline profile

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With the advent of Facebook timeline, race for designing innovative cover images has gone faster with more and more designers coming up with something catchy every day. Today we’ll gonna tell you how you can easily design a pretty cool cover image in just 15 minutes.

All you need is a image editing software, Adobe Photoshop and little idea of using it.

This is my Facebook timeline cover that we’ll be making,

killer cover image of facebook

First get a snapshot of the profile page of one of your friend who hasn’t moved onto timeline yet.

Replace his profile information including name by yours using Firebug. Once done, take snapshot of it. [In case, you can’t do this, simply take the snapshot. We’ll edit the info with Photoshop later on.]

Save the snapshot with .png extension.

Crop different regions of the image in Photoshop and save them.

cut images to design a killer facebook cover image

click to expand

Next open all images in Photoshop. Make changes to the profile information if you haven’t done it using Firebug. Once changes are made, save it.

edit profile details copy

Create a new canvas of width 851px and height 315px.

create a new canvas to put images

Select Photoshop’s Move tool and arrange the cropped images next to each other as shown in the image. Leave 40px from top and 50px from bottom.

drag images to design killer cover image for facebook timeline profile

click to expand

Once everything is done. Save the file with .jpeg. Facebook directs that a cover image should be in JPEG format of height 315px and width 851px.

To add background to it, first get a cool background image, resize it to 851px X 315px. Then drag it over the image.

drag image over cover design

click to expand

Set transparency level to 45 percent. This will make background to appear below the design. You can however change the transparency level to your linking.

set transparency level down

Once everything is done, save it with .jpeg extension.

Upload it to your Facebook as cover image and let the world see and feel envy of your killer idea.

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