Delete drafts and trash from a WordPress blog without using Plugin

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A post on a WordPress blog can at any of these three status – Published, Drafts or Trash.

Published posts are those which show on the website, while drafts are unpublished version of a post and trash is, as the name suggests, are deleted ones.

Drafts and Trash contains most useless data and deleting them is a good idea to make your WordPress clean.

Here are the steps to delete all drafts and trash with a single LOC,

1. Login to your hosting Cpanel and go to ‘phpMyAdmin’.

delete drafts from wordpress-1

2. Select your WordPress database.

delete trash from wordpress-2

3. Next select ‘wp_posts’. This is the table that contains all published posts, drafts and trashed posts. Follow the steps as shown in the image.

delete drafts from wordpress-3

click to expand

Once you click ‘OK’, all drafts and trash would get deleted. You can similarly delete revisions from your WordPress database.

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