Cyberpassion Team (Cy Team)

CyberPassion blog was started on 12 November 2011, with a notion to post everything useful and of course, interesting from tech and cyberspace. Initially, after some hiccups, yourRavi started to gain some momentum by the end of January 2012.

We have 50k monthly visitors, which isn’t a groundbreaking achievement but we’re happy to serve netizens with the quality stuff.

After starting alone, CyberPassion Team now has over 7 co-owners.

1. Ravi Sharma

A 23 yr old freelancer, does a bit of everything – software coding, web development, app coding and now BLOGGING. Thriving to be an entrepreneur he is in love with computers and the network that connects it. He owns CyberPassion brand that excels in web development and owns Cyberpassion blog. He is currently owns 50% of the blog.

2. Kamlesh Kumar Manjhi

A 22 year old guy who prepared for medical studies but loves technology and reviewing softwares. At present a final year student in VIT UNIVERSITY, Vellore. Personally he believes that love can do miracles and its fuel for our country’s success. He has 20% share of the blog.

3. Nikita Ghosh

She is a freelancer from Sitapur, West Bengal. She is an engineering student who loves being around computers and play with codes. Apart from writing, she likes to go on adventures, read novels and sleep. She has little over 12% share of the blog.

4. Gunjan

Another girl with aspiration to make it large by writing articles for yourRavi. She is a Wipro employee who loves tinkering around with computers and gadzets. She also writes on latest technology and professional life. She has close to 10% share of the blog.

5. Manish Singh

A techie, pursuing engineering at Delhi College Of Engineering. He loves playing guitar (during nights, along the boundaries of girls hostel), photography (when girls are around). And yes, he writes too, but only when he’s in peace!

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And the latest addition to Cy team are,

6. D K Mishra

He is a freelancer who writes on web development and hosting.

7. Vivek Singh

An engineering student from IIT, Kahragpur.

If you wanna be in the list, feel free to contact us. Please read Share in CyberPassion for more information.

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