6 custom dashboard for Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is one great piece of service giving complete insight of website traffic and from where it comes. Google added a number of features to GA recently. These include real time traffic stats, viewing of incoming links, detailed traffic sources, alert widgets etc.

One such addition is the custom dashboards for Google analytics. Users can add any of the following 6 dashboards according to their requirement.

Explaining different dashboards

These dashboards have different way of presenting traffic reports. One dashboard focuses more on certain aspects than other.

‘Basic blog dashboard’ shows number of visits, traffic sources, top landing pages, subscription rates etc, while ‘Social Media Dashboard’ focuses more on traffic driven by social media rather than organic sources. Similarly, ‘Mobile e-commerce dashboard’ gives insight of e-commerce stats for a website run on mobile.

‘Site performance dashboard’ is more about stats relating to webpage loading speed, server delay and similar things. ‘Engaged Traffic advanced segment’ gives information about bounce rate, exit rate of visitors. And ‘Daily e-commerce report’ is a collective report of e-commerce activities carried out on the website, both on mobile as well as computer.

Add custom dashboards

1. Activate any of the 6 dashboard designs mentioned above by clicking the link.

2. Choose the website for which you want the dashboard. Next click ‘Create Dashboard’.

custom dashboard design for google analytics

3. That’s all! Now your analytics profile has a new dashboard.

custom dashboard for analytics

click to expand

You can switch to other dashboards or revert back to older one whenever you want.

Wanna to customize more…

But if you still want to customize your dashboard a bit more then try the DashThis online service. Using this service, you can rearrange widgets to your liking before adding to Google analytics profile.

Also you can try windows standalone service called Nextanalytics. Nextanalytics is a plugin to Microsoft Excel that directly retrieves Google Analytics data. It also has a built-in analytics to avoid gruesome engagement with MS Excel. Its fully automated with easily customization of widgets.

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