Creating CON folder, rand, Q33N hoaxes in Windows, all explained

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Last night, I saw an interesting post on Facebook that mystifies 4 of the very famous hoaxes found on web.

Though they are a piece of very old discussion, but I found them worth mentioning again and unveil the hidden fact behind these hoxes.

Creating ‘CON’ folder in windows isn’t possible

Gnerally, it isn’t possible to create a folder with ‘CON’ name.

Its because, term ‘CON’ are reserved for system since DOS was first written. Its basically CONsole, and there can be some ambiguity problems if such a folder is there in a system. Not only CON, creating other folder names like COM1, COM2 are disallowed in Windows. COM1, COM2 are port names.

Hope you’ve got my point. It’s just like calling twins by the same name that only results in a confusion.

Using DOS commands, you can create ‘CON’ folder in your Windows system. Open command prompt and type,

C:\> md \\.\c:\con

To delete,

C:\> rd \\.\c:\con

‘Bush hid the facts’ in notepad turns Chinese

Type ‘Bush hid the facts’ in notepad, save it and you’ll see it turning into a Chinese word 畂桳栠摩琠敨映捡獴.

This is due to a minor bug with older version of Notepad. It has been removed from latest version that comes with  Windows Vista and 7. Basically its due to wrong interpretation of text by a function called IsTextUnicode in Windows OS. Due to this bug, some texts are wrongly interpreted as UTF-16LE and other encodings, resulting in text appearing in Chinese. There were problems with “this app can break”, “acre vai pra globo”, and “aaaa aaa aaa aaaaa” sentences as well.

=rand(200,9) in MS Word brings some content

When =rand(200,9) or anything like =rand() is typed in MS Word followed by enter key, there automatically appears some content. Usually its repetition of the sentence ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.’

Its an easter egg trick that comes with MS Word. Easter egg tricks are clever programming codes that’s provided by some software companies in their products.

When you type =rand(x,y) then a paragraph with ‘x’ sentences are repeated again and again for ‘y’ times. The same things applies when ‘do a barell roll’ is typed in Google search.

Q33N in MS Word/Notepad reminds of 9/11 attack.

Q33N is the flight number of the plane that crashed with the twin towers in 9/11 attacks. And when its written in MS Word/ Notepad/ WordPad then it turns into an image of plane crashing into two towers followed by an image of human skull.

Wingdings font is all about symbols (characters to symbols), it was developed by Microsoft in 1990 and since then it has been a part of every text editor by Microsoft. Its no magic or hoax, but an amazing coincidence.

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