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How do you visit a website? Probably you first start the browser, enter url and wait till the page loads. It’s a simple but 2 step process.

Today we tell a cool trick to open a website directly from your desktop by creating its shortcut. To do this,

1. Open notepad and type in

Start chrome.exe “”

2. Save the file as yourravi.bat on your desktop. This code is for Chrome browser to open directly.

If you’re having Internet Explorer, use this- Start iexplorer.exe “”

Or Mozilla Firefox, Start firefox.exe “”

Or Opera, Start opera.exe “”

Or Safari, Start safari.exe “”

3. To visit the website, just open the newly created file.

Creating shortcuts for other websites is easy. All you need is to replace the website address ie with something of your choice, say, or any other.

Desktop shortcut to this blog

You can also put links to some random url like,

Start chrome.exe ""

Here are my website shortcuts for Google, Facebook, yourRavi and others,

create website shortcuts on desktop

Another great idea

You can visit Google or any website directly by setting as the default homepage for browser. But you can’t do much when you want to visit some 3-4 websites one after another. Say checking emails on gmail/yahoo, then checking latest happenings on some website and then finally heading to your website/blog.

Multiple websites can be opened together by putting their url in a single desktop shortcut. Here is the way to do this,

Start chrome.exe
Start chrome.exe “”
Start chrome.exe

For other browsers, change chrome.exe as mentioned above.

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