Create multiple Facebook, Twitter accounts with single Gmail id

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Just read the blog and you’ll be amazed by the end of it. Here we tell about creating multiple Facebook, Twitter, iBibo accounts with just one Gmail id.

Create alternative ids from one Gmail id

Suppose your email id is ‘’. From this, we’ll create numerous alternative ids that can be perfectly used to create Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Here are the 3 ways of doing this,

Method-1: Replacing ‘ . ‘ in email id

Google doesn’t notices the ‘ . ‘ dot sign in email ids. So ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ etc are same as ‘’.

You can login to Gmail with any of the above written email ids. They will only lead to ‘’.

Make multiple account with single Gmail id

Method-2: Adding ‘ + ‘ to Gmail id

Google doesn’t count anything written after ‘ + ‘ plus sign. So alternate email ids to ‘’ could be ‘’, ‘’ etc.

make multiple facebook, twitter account using one gmail id

Method-3: Replacing ‘’ with ‘’

Next you can make multiple Gmail ids by adding ‘’ at the end rather than theĀ conventionalĀ ‘’. So, some email ids could be ‘’, ‘’ etc.

create multiple account with one gmail id

Register to Facebook and Twitter

The idea lies in the fact that Facebook and Twitter does count the ‘ . ‘ and ‘ + ‘ sign in email ids. For them, all the Gmail ids written above are different unlike Google who thinks them as same. So, one can easily create separate Facebook and Twitter accounts from ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ etc.

The most benefiting part is that all notifications from different Facebook/Twitter accounts created using different email ids will go in the same parent email id ie ‘’.

This idea works on many more website than just Facebook and Twitter. We’ve checked it working in, Netvibes, Pintrest and others. The idea isn’t workable on Google Plus, being a Google service.

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