How to Create Facebook ads to increase Facebook Page Likes?

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Facebook ads is a great way of increasing likes of a Facebook page at a staggering pace. All you have to do is to create an ad, select target area and target audience and a payment mode to get started. Run your ad as many days as you want and see how likes increase by many folds within no time.

Here is a stepwise guide showing how you can use Facebook ads for promoting your Facebook page,

1. First of all make sure you have a Facebook page or you’re an admin on page owned by someone else.

2. On your Facebook page, go to on Build Page>Promote Page as shown in the image below.

create facebook ad for increasing page likes-step1

3. A block will appear with different options to customize your ad. Select your target country, state or city, age group, gender and amount you wish to spend each day. We’ discuss all these in details below.

increase page likes creating facebook ads-step2

4. Select ‘Interests’ which are a set of keywords using which Facebook decides the target audience for the ad. Lesser the interests, more impactfull will be the ad and greater will be its reach.

using facebook ads to increase facebook page likes-step3

5. Select budget to spend each day on page promotion.

increase facebook page like using ads on facebook-step4

6. Pick the number of days you want ad to run and invite likes.

Total expense is the multiplication of days and the daily budget. So if you’re spending 129INR per day for 3 days, your total expenditure will be Rs.387.

select dates for facebook ads to run while increasing facebook likes-step5

7. Click ‘Promote Page’ to see a payment block. Select a payment method, currently only credit card is allowed though paypal is also available. Click ‘continue’ to proceed.

pay by credit card for facebook ad for page like increase-step6

8. Enter your credit card details and submit. Though debit card option is also allowed but 90% debit cards aren’t accepted due to currency conversion issue.

provide credit card information for running facebook ad-step7

9. On successful addition of credit card details, your ad will be submitted to Facebook for approval.

facebook ads for increasing facebook liike increase started-step8

10. Approval is given in 4-5 minutes. You ad will start running soon after approval is provided and your Facebook page would start getting likes instantly. There is no specific rate at which pages receive likes but roughly its about 1 like per Rs 0.50-2. It basically depends on the name of page, its niche, content it publishes and the ongoing buzz among users for such pages.

11. After the advertisement starts running, you can view the stats clicking ‘View Promotion’ button below the page likes count on the page.

view facebook ads promotion for page like increase-step9

12. In the promotion status page, you can view the number of likes received by the page and the total amount spent on it. You can edit – change or pause the ad if you want to.

page likes increased within a day by promotion using facebook ads-step10

Here is how page likes of yourRavi increased from 6709 to 6295 in just 2 days.

page likes increased due to promotion using facebook ads-step11

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