Create desktop shortcut to compose mail in Gmail

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How you send an email? First you logon to Gmail, then hit ‘Compose’ mail option to write and send the email. This is easy but a multi-step process. How about doing all this in one step? Wouldn’t you like if we can reach the ‘Compose’ mail option directly using a desktop shortcut.

Its possible to do this using 2 methods: One by creating a Google Chrome application shortcut [that works in Chrome only] and the other one is a tweak that works in all browsers.

1. Creating Application Shortcut

Chrome allow users to create desktop shortcut for favorite weblinks. So can create a shortcut to directly reach ‘Compose’ mail page of Gmail from your desktop.

Follow our tutorial to create application shortcut to Gmail.

After you create the shortcut, an icon would appear up on your desktop. When you open the shortcut, the Gmail’s compose mail webpage opens up. Write your email and send to wherever you want.

2. The Tweak

The previous method works only for Chrome browser, but this one can be executed in any browser.

Here we’ll create a simple webpage that directly opens up the compose mail option in Gmail.

So, first create a webpage, say ComposeMail.htm and write the following code in it,

<script type="text/javascript">
window.location = ""

If you want Gmail window with all entries filled – sender, recipient and message then you can try this,

<script type="text/javascript">
window.location = "
cc=&bcc=&su=Hello again&body=Hi Buddy, How are you?&fs=1"

This will open up Compose Mail interface with ‘’ [‘to’] as sender, no additional recipient [‘cc’/’bcc’], ‘Hello again’ as subject [‘su’] and ‘Hi Buddy, How are you?’ as message content.

desktop shortcut for gmail

This is important if you’re supposed to send emails to certain people.

You must be logged into your Google account to us these shortcuts. If not, you’ll be prompted to login and then navigated to the requested page.

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