How to add menu and submenu in WordPress (stepwise instructions)

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WordPress provides a simple interface to add menus and submenus.

Submenus are the list that appears when cursor is moved over a menu item. You’re seeing the same in CyberPassion (move cursor over menus).

To add submenu to a WordPress-powered site, follow our stepwise guide,

  1. Login to admin panel and go to Appearance > Menus. Once you’re there, you’ll see several boxes and input fields on right side.(Some’ll be appearing foggy)
  2. Name your menu, say First Menu, and click create menu. You can name it anything as this won’t be displayed.

    click create menu and submenu in wordpress

  3. Once created, content on the left side appears clearly. On left, you’ll see 4 boxes, one would display the name of currently active menu i.e First Menu, while other three shows custom links, pages and categories. We’ll be showing these links, pages and categories in our menus and submenus.
  4. To create menus, first select some or all category items, pages, custom links and click Add to Menu.

    select category,pages and add to menu

  5. These will get added to the menu, and shifts to right side.

    all menu and submenu items appeared on right side

  6. We arrange these items in menus and submenus. These will show up in the website in same order as its shown here. So we need to carefully arrange these. Here is how we do this.
  7. We drag and drop bars (items) to align them. For menu items, we drag them up or down depending on the location we desire. Here is how its done,

    menu item shifted and arranged in wordpress

  8. Similarly, for creating submenus we drag it backwards and place it beneath a menu item. Here is diagrammatic representation,

    add submenu to menu in WordPress by dragging back

  9. Arrange all bars similarly. Make sure you’ve aligned them properly as the same sequence is shown in the website menu and submenus. Once you’re done, click Save Menu.

    save all menu and submenu settings

  10. This is all. Now one final step is to activate this menu. So move to the box at extreme top-left corner. Here select the menu First Menu and click Save. Actually you can create more than menu, so its important to let WordPress know of the actual menu you want to activate.

    select menu to use and save it

Now see your website, it’d be showing these menu items with submenus in the same order. Cheers!!!

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