Countries who Banned Social Networking Websites

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done to stop people from wasting time and focus on their work. However, when you live in a liberal country like India, you will be surprised to know that there are some countries who have banned use of few social networking websites in entire country. While social networking sites are hugely popular worldwide, some country believe them to be a threat for their youth and ban them claiming censorship issues.  Some of the banned websites gets unbanned after some days while some continue to remain banned for years.

Mainly because of the ‘privacy issues’ and ‘objectionable content’ most social websites are banned in China and middle-east Asian countries. China blocks almost all of the top websites including Google (often), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Orkut, Technorati, Vimeo and many others. China filter-out such websites to allow its own cyber industry to flourish and challenge the western giants, which is no bad idea.

While the social networking ban status keep changing and it is difficult to keep a track of them, we bring to you he list of countries where the different social networking sites (social media) are banned,

  1. Facebook– It is banned in countries like China, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and UAE.
  2. YouTube– It is banned in many countries primarily including Turkey, Thailand, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Morroco, Sudan and IRan
  3. Twitter is banned in UAE, China , Egypt and Mexico
  4. Blogger– The famous blogging platform is banned in Ethiopia, Pakistan and China.
  5. Wikipedia– This famous open source encyclopedia is also banned. The countries are China, Iran, and Pakistan.
  6. WordPress – It is blocked in countries like Brazil and Turkey
  7. Flickr – The photo sharing page is blocked in countries such as China, Iran, UAE, and Saudi Arabia
  8. MySpace – This social networking website is blocked in Indonesia
  9. Orkut – Although Facebook took the popularity from Orkut, still some countries have banned it, such as Iran, UAE, China and Saudi Arabia

According to a report, Pakistan and many Islamic middle-east Asian countries have banned these websites because of ‘anti-Islamic’ content placed on them. The unrest in the middle-east Asia is also a big reason why these social networking sites are banned there. During such unrest, banning of social media prevents people from communicating with rest of the world, and that is what dictators of most countries want.

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