Correct finger placement for faster typing on laptop

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Many users must be facing some issues with good speed while typing on their laptop. So,they want to enhance their speed by using some tips and instructions. So, here we have come up with that necessary instructions which would help users in order to enhance their typing speed and that too in short time.


  1. You should be friendly with your keyboard and should practice with alphabets and try to learn out where all the alphabets are positioned.
  2. Users can practice over keyboard, by putting their all 10 fingers over center line and then do practice for words and put your thumbs over the space bar only.
  3. Make sure your left hand fingers cover alphabets A, S, D, F and alphabets above and below these. Similarly your right hand fingers should cover J, K, L and special characters like J, K, L and ; , { } etc.
  4. Use last two fingers for hitting ENTER, CAPS, TAB, DEL, CTRL, SHIFT, ALT and Backspace keys. Use both fingers together for CTRL + any key or ALT + any key.
  5. Use thumb for hitting space bar.
  6. To type number like 1, 4 or 7 and Num Lock, use your pointer finger always.
  7. To type numbers like 2, 5, 8 and forward slash (/), use your middle finger.
  8. For typing numbers 3, 6, 9 and (*) and (.) decimal, use your ring finger.
  9. You can use your pinky finger for (+) and (-) or for enter and return keys.
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