How to convert scanned image to word document

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To make a scanned image editable, we first need to convert it into a word document. Here is the stepwise instructions to convert a scanned image (of any format) to an editable word document,

  1. First, get your scanned image file, say abc.jpg. It could be in any format, .jpg, .png, .bmp or any other, all will work fine.
  2. Open the image in ‘Adobe Photoshop’, and save it with .tif extension. You’ll now see a copy of the image, as abc.tif. (You can use any software other than Adobe Photoshop).

    generate tif copy of a jpg image

  3. Now open ‘Microsoft Office Document Imaging’ program. You’ll find this in Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools.

    open microsoft document imaging for conversion

    open Microsoft Document Imaging

  4. Goto Tools > Recognize Text using OCR. Your image will now start to be recognized as text document. You’ll see progress bar at the center.
    recognize text using OCR

    Choose recognize text using OCR

    conversion of scanned image to word

    conversion in progress

  5. Now Goto Tools > Send Text to Word. The image will now open in .doc format that you can edit and use. Accuracy of conversion depends on the clarity/DPI of the scanned image.

    image to word converted image

    image to word converted data

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