Comparison between Windows 7 vs Windows 8 operating system

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For the last few days I’d been scratching my head, measuring windows 8 performance and making notes on it. After 5 days of extensive research I came up with some stats, then compared it with my new windows 7 system.

Comparison between Windows 7 vs Windows 8 operating systemAs expected, Windows 8 developer preview was far better than Windows 7 in terms of booting, features, performance and in many other aspects.

Here we bring the results of our comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system and where they stand against each other,

Installation Time

Improved GUI and increased features showed its toll as the installation time of windows 8 that was a bit more than windows 7. It takes somewhere close to 29 minutes as compared to 22 minutes taken by windows 7. On installation with pen drive, it was somewhere close to 14 minutes and 10 minutes, respectively. Windows installation using pen drive is faster than doing the same with CD.

Booting Time

This is lightning, Windows 8 took just 8 seconds to boot as compared to windows 7 that took~20 seconds for cold booting. The reason: actually, Windows 8 never shuts down rather it saves its status and powers-off, its more like hibernation rather than shutting down. It has a clear advantage in terms of booting when compared to Windows 7 operating system.


Better graphics has always been a trademark of windows operating systems. Windows 8 sees further improvement in GUI with metro-style interface and tile based startup. Also, Semantic Zoom in windows 8 gives you the freedom to use it like a smartphone with two fingers, by pinching to show and hide stuffs. In addition, the feature of stock-ticker file will notify you about the latest status of your chosen shares.


Despite having a heavier GUI, performance of Windows 8 is great. To start Photoshop CS5.5, it took just 4 seconds as compared to Windows 7 that took as long as 9s to start. The same is with Nero 12, which took 14s and 6 seconds, respectively. This is feature stamps the superiority of windows 8 over windows 7.

CPU Performance

When I compared the engine, I mean CPU performance of both OSes I found a marginal improvement in windows 8. For running a program on Windows 8, there was marginally lesser load on CPU than when it ran on Windows 7. This is a significant improvement as improved GUI puts more load on CPU. Despite that its performance is improving rather than deteriorating.

Shutdown time

The story closes at a fast note too. My Windows 8 system shut down just in 6 seconds. This is amazing when compared to Windows 7 that took somewhere close to 12 seconds and my old, deary windows XP that takes a lifetime to shutdown.

In our comparison between Windows 8 and Windows 7 OS, former is a clear winner by a big margin. But before you support my claim better you should experience windows 8 developer and recently launched customer preview by yourself.

Being a developer preview, presently its in testing phase, so try it with Virtual Box to make sure your system  remains safe if anything goes bad.

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