Comparison between Kindle Fire and Aakash cheapest tablets

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Today, we’ll talk about two of the cheapest tablets available in the market, one is the Aakash tablet developed by Datawind in collaboration with the students of IIT Rajasthan, and the other one is Kindle Fire by Amazon.

comparision between kindle fire and aakash tablet

Aakash was launched on 5th October ’11 while Kindle Fire hit the market on 15th November. Both are great, Aakash is developed for students that’s why it cost so low, its configuration is enough for most school and college going students. On the other hand, Kindle Fire is developed solely for commercial purpose targeting middle class people.

Both had been in the news for various reasons, we’ll compare both and see which one is worth of its price. (Well, any tablet within 10k is great!)


Aakash tablet has 366Mhz Atom processor and 256Mb RAM. This is good for students and users with minor computing use, but inappropriate for running heavier programs. Aakash tablet has 2Gb internal storage and up-to 32Gb flash storage, enough to keep study material for students.

Kindle Fire is more powerful, it comes with 1Ghz dual core processor and 512Mb RAM. The tablet is good for all types of computing uses and more efficient in multitasking. However, it comes with much bigger 8 Gb internal storage capacity which is enough to hold upto 80 apps or 10 movies.


Screen size of Aakash and Kindle Fire is almost the same. Both are touchscreen based and operated using just a stylus. Kindle Fire is thinner, its just 11.4mm when compared to Aakash which is 15.4mm thick.

Resolution of Kindle Fire is far better than Aakash tablet, the former has a resolution of 1080×600 while the latter has 800x460px. Better resolution means better picture quality in Kindle Fire.


Battery of Aakash tablet allows upto 3 hours of continuous video playback and 3.5 hours of reading. It has smaller and less powerful 2100mAh battery which is one its biggest lackings.

Battery power of Kindle Fire is beyond comparison level, it has much bigger 4400mAh battery that provides upto 8 hours of reading capacity and 7.5 hours for video playback with wireless off.


Aakash tablet runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) with no support to Android marketplace, it comes with more than 15k pre-installed apps. One big performance problem with the tablet is overheating, it heats up just after 30mts. There are some problems in running YouTube videos.

On the other hand, Kindle Fire runs on Android 2.3 with full support to Andoid marketplace to download app and games. Initially, there were problems with the wireless connectivity which was later sorted out.

Additional Features

Both Aakash tablet and Amazon’s Kindle Fire supports a number of file formats.

Aakash tablet has Wi-Fi, GRPS and SIM facility that allows tablet to be used as smartphone, when required. It also has an application to access YouTube content. Aakash tablet don’t have an inbuilt camera but external VGA/1.3Mp camera can be plugged in the provided USB port.

Kindle Fire supports 802.11n Wi-Fi and USB 2.0 connector. It supports access to Amazon app store, kindle store, cloud storage and many others.


Aakash is the cheapest tablet, costing just $35 for students and $60 for common people. With time, cost is expected to go down, said by Datawind CEO Suneet Tuli. Student version of Aakash is only available in India while commercial version would be available in a few days time.

Cost of Amazon’s Kindle Fire is $199 in the US, but in India its price is more than $250. In Indian rupee, its somewhere close to Rs 14,000.


Kindle Fire is by far the better tablet of the two but if  Aakash tablet gets some improvements then it could stand parallel to Kindle Fire.

As per the reports, Aakash-2 is expected to hit the market by March 2012 would have 800 Ghz processor, 1Gb RAM, better battery, inbuilt camera, support to Android marketplace and many more features.

The best part of Aakash-2 is the price which would still be the same i.e $35 for students and $60 for common people.

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