Cloud server vs normal server: Which is best for individuals and business

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Most of the individuals and small business establishments want to promote their products and services, but, when there is question of choosing the best platform they are not able to find right way. If we talk about cloud server vs normal servers, there is huge difference between them, for example, if you observe a normal server you will notice that it is nothing but a body-like equipment which you can place anywhere in a room. Now, inspect the cloud server, it is a system rather than a single machine that has the potential of large storage, softwares as service, load balancing, complete automated processing with a number of customization possible. These things are not possible on normal servers.

For some individuals normal server is better option because it needs only a specific website which is offered by a host. Once you have a host, you can start working. There is no competition associated with it because the same site can be shared my multiple servers. Another advantage is you do not have to pay higher or lower monthly fees every month because monthly fee is fixed. So you can navigate as much or low as you want and you also have the advantage of using the space. There is no limitation that you are allowed to use only limited space.

But from small business firms as well as individuals to big business establishments cloud server has been one of the best option. For example, you can enjoy number of amenities, broader range of exposure anywhere in the world and fast traffic flow. In addition to this users can get hardware upgrade information continuously, websites can be expanded according to individual requirements and if there is higher load, cloud server can easily balance it. But, one thing can disturb you when you know that cost is cannot be predicted. Generally, the cost is affected by the amount of computer power, apps, storage and bandwidth used by the user, which always varies. If you’re use increases, say during Diwali or Christmas then you might give a greater chunk of your pocket than normal days.

To some extent, you can prefer cloud server, but when you think about the security and protection you will not be happy. These cloud servers are not able to offer satisfactory level of security and protection. You would have heard that Google – that is also a cloud server – has been in news just because of safety issues.

As far as the difference between cloud server vs normal servers is concerned this is quite significant, but nobody can prefer it to each other because selection should be according to the individual businesses requirements and budget. Before making any commitment, all options should be considered carefully.

But, there is good news also! If you want to use both types of servers at the same time and avoid any confusion then you can use hybrid hosting system which allows you to use both of them at the same time.

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