How to choose the right blogging style for writing blogs

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Blog writing style is as important as blog content – it spices up the visitor’s blog experience, prevents readers from noticing your mistakes, and gives you a recognition as a ‘different’ and a good blogger.

Also, it’s no denying the fact that people like a different blogging style rather than a monotonous one that most of us use.

But how to choose the right one?

Probably, the best way to choose the right blogging style is by analyzing what people like to read and enjoy. You can go through blog posts of other bloggers and analyse the comment section, you’ll find what’s the people’s reaction on their blogging style. This should give you a fair idea of some right writing style you can opt for, and blend with your natural way of writing. One good website to check is wherein the editors use a very interesting writing style with full of satires and phrases.

The next step is to know what’s the blogging style you’re comfortable with, would flexing too much with your natural way of writing. Remember one thing – if you try to move onto a new writing style all of a sudden then your blog would lose originality and become monotonous to read.

Here is the four different writing style I like the most,

  1. Satirical way of writing blogs – This type of writing goes good with blogs on personal, politics, sports, or anything that people likes to enjoy reading. You can use phrases and sayings but in light amount otherwise it would appear as a 70yr old obese with bodybuilding gear over him.
  2. Straight and to the point – Blogs on technical, educational, cultural, religious, or anything that must be correct and exact must be written in such a blogging style. Though, there are some corners where you can put some interesting points, quotes related to the topic.
  3. Philosophical writing – This might sound boring for some but blogs on relationships, medications and other sensitive issues must be written with understanding and summarized description of the underlying idea before providing solution(s). It’s probably one of the most challenging ways of writing.
  4. Partially slang, leg-pulling – This one is very common and you must have noticed in websites based on entertainment and sports. Such a form of blog writing can be used on most topics but must be indirect, within the limits, and not abusive or offensive at all. Such a blogging style should be used just to make users understand your exact point without damaging anyone’s reputation.

It should be remembered that, blogging is an art of expressing views to a large audience just like a theater drama. As in drama, you can set the stage, arrange artists but its success lies in attractive dialogues and catchy content. Similarly for a blog to be successful we need to have an attractive blogging style to compel visitors sticking to our blogs and subscribe it.

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