How to choose correct domain for business?

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choose right website name for businessYou’ve been given the name by your parents just because it carries some meaning, something that they feel proud in calling you. The same thing applies with the domain name for a business.

Your brand is your lifetime dream, so why not decide a name that suits it the best. Here are some important guidelines for selecting the right domain name for business.

  1. One that best describes your business. If its a tech blog then don’t name it like (like mine!). Rather choose one that has initials of your company name and the core field of working. One great example is Microsoft which is combination of micro+software. Google is an exception but most company have website names that’s a combination of name and their work.
  2. Consider geographical location. You shouldn’t name your firm localized in India as Rather it should be Most business serves people within a particular location: a few cities, or a nation at most. So, it important to select a domain name for business that has traces of its roots and marketplace it’ll serve. Its a great marketing strategy too. Putting location in website name is a powerful way of catching customers from that area.
  3. Go for .com TLD’s(Top Level Domains). Though you have lots of TLD to choose from but .com is the one that you should prefer. Its the default TLD, web browsers append it at the end ever if you’ve missed it while writing. Moreover, there may be people who just heard of your brand name, but not the website. They’ll assume website only with .com added to it. For a brand, kioske, people would goto before thinking of any other option. .org and .in should be the second and third priority, respectively, and must be chosen only when you find your desired name with it.
  4. Keep it simple, short and easy to remember. Getting a short domain name for business is most important. People don’t remember longer website names and find it uncomfortable to type again and again. So, a website name could be shortened as Longer names might express everything about your business but customers won’t be coming as most love a 3-8 word domain name rather than one with 15+ words.
  5. Never include individual names/hyphens/numbers. So, if you’re thinking of a domain with hyphens then you must drop the plan for the simple reason that its difficult to remember and prone to mistakes while typing. Also, a correct domain must not include name of owner, or anyone else in it. It badly affects the market. Would Facebook be having 850+ million users if it had been named as Absolutely no! It might still be the biggest social networking site but it’ll be lacking credibility, which is most important. So, let your website sound professional by avoiding name in it.
  6. Avoid Copyright Infringement/other legal problems: Nobody deliberately commit mistakes. But if it happens then it can kill a great website and a rising brand. So make sure you are away from all sort of legal problems, most importantly from copyright infringement. Once a domain name infringes a copyright you may be charged with a hefty fine. Must check out before booking a domain.

For choosing the right domain name for business, you may issue a brainstorming session. Ask your employees and others to come up with new names.

Select best ones, and write down on a board. Then ask for suggestions on the selected ones, and finalize the best one in the end. Deciding it by yourself is a bit tougher as different people have different perspectives. One of such suggestions might be better than yours.

A simple way to come up with a great domain name

We’ve talked about the characteristics of a good domain name for business. Its time to combine all those and see how easily you can come up with great domain name.

Suppose there is a technology firm called ‘Nano’, based in Bangalore.

Here, most important in the niche of the company and that’s ‘technology’, and next is its the name ‘Nano’. So the best one we have is But this should’t be available. Its probably be taken by someone else.

Since the best option is gone, we’ve or to consider. Anyone of these could be a great website name. But as I previously said, we move way from .com only if we’re getting desired name like ‘Nanotech’.

If none of these are available, then try adding location, short-forms of the name. One good name could be, or

Similarly, more such names can be taken into consideration. Apply brainstorming, ask your employees and friends to select the best one out of them.

Tools like AjaxWhois and Domjax can be helpful in quickly finding the available domain names. You can also ask us to do the same, all you need is to like our Facebook page and get in tough with us.

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