Chinese drone flooding the Internet

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As per a study by researchers, it has been found out that Chinese cyber guys are manipulating forums and discussions on review sites in favor of highest bidders. They receive some amount from firms, and ask people to post reviews and comments in favor of the products owned by the firm. These paid posters receive some cents per comment, and abandon their account once the work is done.

Such postings improves firm’s market reputation and their products get more buyers than under normal circumstances.

Students at the university of Peking university, Beijing and Victoria university, Canada published a research paper providing detailed structure and methodology used by these guys, so-called as ‘internet water army’.

In the study, its has also been found out that such a trend is slowly spreading all over the internet. As a result of such flooding, reputation of mainstream news and review websites are suffering. Watching such reviews and mass support for a low-grade product, some visitors/potential buyers get a fake perception that website is sponsoring the product. This ultimately results in losing faith over the website.

Researchers are also trying to identify the pattern of such behavior that may help in development of filters to block such activities in future.

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