Check why Facebook video calling could be problematic?

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problematic video calling on facebookFacebook video call allows you to see live pictures of your friends and talk with them in real time. Its like face-to-face interaction. But slow internet connectivity can ruin this experience. Apart from this, several other factors could lead to problems with video calling on Facebook.

Check these points to identify the reason why video calling is problematic at your end,

  1. First of all make sure you’ve installed plugin for making video calls through Facebook. Also, the same plugin needs to be installed in your friend’s computer as well. You can go through our stepwise guide to setup video calling on Facebook.
  2. For Facebook video calling, internet connection must be good or satisfactory. If using a wi-fi connection, make sure the connection isn’t spotty. Or if its a broadband connection, make sure its above 512Mbps. My previous network connection of 512Mbps pose occasional problems so its better to have at least 1Gbps for uninterrupted video calling.
  3. Before doing video calls on Facebook, make sure your computer is compatible to video calling or not. Most computers are fine but hardwares of some notebook and most tablets fail to bear the load of video calls.
  4. A computer must be running on Intel Core 2Ghz processor or more. RAM required for successful video calling on Facebook is 1Ghz. If you’re having a desktop or a laptop then your computer must be compatible to video call, but its better to re-check the computer configuration.
  5. If all above mentioned points are fine but video calling is still problematic, then check if your ISP has blocked access to Skype (Facebook chat uses Skype). In offices, schools and colleges access to skype is usually blocked making video call nearly impossible.
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