Check if your password is easily guessable

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Some days ago, cyber criminals broke into the twitter account of NBC and Fox News. They even tweeted the news of Obama’s assassination that shocked many before it was labelled as fake. It won’t amuse you but such thing could easily happen to your account if the password is easily guessable.

Almost 65% of email passwords can be guessed using simple private details like name, contact and address

If someone is entering password as a mere formality he’ll definitely get in trouble one day.

How could someone guess my password?

Guessing someone’s password isn’t that tough for you if you’re a cyber security expert or a tech-savvy kinda guy and you are provided with all relevant data of a victim.

Lets see how this can be a possibility, a cyber criminal would first accumulate details of yours as well as people close to you. Some details are – name, nick name, past and present contact and address details. Apart from this, he would check your likes and dislikes, important numbers – cars, bank a/c, age, birth and similar private info. After writing all your information onto a paper he’ll sort them in priority and start trying with simple details like name and phone number.

Also, if you’re a someone who is love-sicked then you should be including your spouse details, ‘ilu’, ‘love you’ in your password. Or if you’re a novice internet user considering password as a useless entity then your password would be smaller and easy to remember like name, phone number or just 1234, who knows. A daily user might append something like ‘1234’, ‘abcd’ to name and phone number. To next level, he might try words by jumbling/mixing all details into each other.

In most cases, a user unknowingly plays an key role in demise of his own account. It’s job of the user to keep his account safe and secure. If an account is compromised due to a guessable/weak password then you don’t have anybody to blame than yourself.

Best password is one that has more than 8 alphanumeric characters, i.e password which is a combination of alphabet, numerals and non-common characters like ! @ . $ ^ , *. Such alphanumeric password of 8 digit can’t be unearthed within a century (121yrs min). And if you are planning to live longer then opt for 9+ character alphanumeric password. Smaller passwords can be easily guessed, longer is better.

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