Why I can’t see authorship information in Google search results

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Google displays authorship information for weblinks in its search results. It means, one can see the name and image of author alongside the weblinks.

If you’ve correctly added the code but still can’t see your image and profile in Google search results then you should use Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool to see if there is any implementation issues.

First goto Google webmasters rich snippets testing tool. Here you’ll see text-field like this,

check authorship information code with rich snippets testing tool

Enter website homepage url or any other link of your website to see whether your authorship information appears or not.

If it appears, then you’ve correctly added the rich snippet code to your website and Google can link the website content with your identity.

check working of rich snippet code for authorship information

If not, then check your code and make correct changes to it.

Google’s rich snippets tool also lets you see the problem(s) that prevented your authorship information from appearing in Google results.

Despite adding correct code, its no guarantee that Google would display authorship information for all websites.

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