Change Windows 7 login screen with custom image

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Customizing windows appearance with modification in registry values is a fine way of personalizing its look. If you’re interested in doing such thing with your own system then read on as we’ll show how to change the login screen of windows 7 system with a custom image.

We’ll tinker around with windows registry but in a less complicated manner.

Here are the steps for customizing windows 7 login screen,

  1. First open notepad, copy and paste the following lines,
    Windows Registry Editor version 5.00

    make changes in registry to add custom image to windows 7 login screen

    Save the file with .reg extension. My file name is change-in-registry.reg, you can name anything of your choice.

  2. Once file is created, right click on it. Click ‘Merge’ option at the merge to change windows login screen
  3. Windows will ask you for permission while making changes in eixsting registry, click ‘Yes’ when pop-up yes to allow customisation of windows 7 login screen
  4. Now select the background-image you want windows 7 login screen to customize with. The custom image must be smaller than 256 Kb in size, so compress it before using. Finally, rename the image to ‘backgrounddefault.jpg‘.
  5. Create a folder under ‘C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info‘. Once its created, place your image in it and you’re done!

    Your default windows 7 login image is now replaced by the custom image.

    example of changes windows 7 login screen

  6. To make sure customization is done correctly, shut-down your computer and restart it again. You’ll see a different login image. Cheers!!
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