How to change Facebook page url to shorter url

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Want a shorter url for your Facebook page?

Now, you can change your weird looking, long Facebook page url to an easy to remember shorter url in a few easy steps.

  1. Reach you Facebook page. Click ‘Edit Page’ and then ‘Basic Information’ option on the left (Edit Page>Basic Information)
  2. Locate ‘Username’ area on the right, now click ‘create username for this page’ to proceed.

    create username for this facebook page

  3. Now you’ll have option to enter desired username for the page page. This username would be used in the shortened url of your Facebook page, which’ll look like

    choose desired facebook page username

  4. After you select a username, you should check for its availability. If available, click confirm and you’re done.Your shorter, easy to remember Facebook page url is created.

    enter shorter url name for Facebook page

  5. From now onwards, your Facebook page url would look like this which is much easier to remember and put on marketing materials.
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