Can I use Infolinks and AdSense ads together on the same page?

Yes, both Infolinks ads and AdSense ads can be placed on the same page, even next to each other without any problem. It won’t violate terms of any of these service. Ads from both these online advertising services complement each other well, being visually different from each other. In fact, you can use ads of other advertising services like Clicksor, Chitika … Continue reading

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How to Insert AdSense Ad within Post Content in WordPress (without Plugin)

Best place for placing AdSense ad is within the content. By doing so, we increase the visibility of ad, and hence there are better chances of readers checking them. Inserting Ads within post content in a WordPress site isn’t easy since we need to know the programming structure of WordPress or use a plugin to do this. But in today’s … Continue reading

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How to Book Newspaper Ads Online from Home

Booking a newspaper advertisement is easy with releaseMyAd, one of the premier online ad booking service in India. The process of ad booking through the website is simple, all you have to do is to choose a newspaper, write content, select date, make payment and your ad will appear in the newspaper on the selected date. It’s a great way … Continue reading

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11 Killer Tips to Increase CPC of Adsense Ads

Low CPC value can considerably reduce your income. I’ve faced this in the past, but there are ways to increase it. Yes, with little tweaks and clever tips, you can increase CPC of the AdSense ads appearing on your website. Here are 11 of those best tips that’ll boost your income by a big margin, Tip 1: Place your Best Performing Ad … Continue reading

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Domain vs Website vs Hosting, know the difference

To visit a website, we type its domain name. To visit Yahoo we type in, similarly we enter for the Facebook website. Domain is an identifying string to connect with a website on internet. It has an IP and a particular format. All the domain names and their IP(s) are enlisted in DNS or Domain Name System which is … Continue reading

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Display recent posts of a category in WordPress

While reading article on a WordPress site you often see links to similar articles at the bottom or on the right side of the page. Usually, this is done using plugins. But plugins can slow down the website loading time. In the blog, we’ll tell you an alternate and relatively easier way to do the same without using plugins, in … Continue reading

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How to fix navigation menubar at the top of your WordPress blog [Code Explained]

Now a days most WordPress blog have navigation menu fixed at the top. This helps visitors in easy accessing of menu since it remains fixed even when the page is scrolled down. To make such a menu all we have to do is to first use the position: fixed CSS property and then shift menu at the topmost corner of … Continue reading

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Image Alt or Title attribute: Which is more important for SEO?

For most of us its complicated to say if image alt attribute or title attribute is more important for the SEO of page and how to go about adding these two elements in images. The ALT attribute Alt is a short text to describe an image when it fails to appear on the page. This is important in situations where … Continue reading

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Make Magazine like Blog customizing default TwentyTen WordPress Theme

News sites like and have a magazine like design. By magazine like design, we mean a design that has blogrolls in rectangular blocks rather than the list form that we often see. Default WordPress theme Twentyten can easily be customized and be given a magazine like design with few lines of CSS code. In the blog, we’ll be doing this. Lets start, First login … Continue reading

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How to add Hindi, gujarati, kannada or any Indian language in a website

This is a part of very old discussion yet most of us find problems in adding Hindi lines to a website. But after reading this blog, you won’t find it difficult to write any language in a website. The reason for Hindi’s strange behavior We can’t add Hindi just like English because Hindi letters needs more than 1 byte to encode. All English letters and symbols are among the first 128 characters of the Unicode … Continue reading

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How to upload chrome extension to chrome store

After you create a Google chrome extension, its time to deploy it to Chrome store for everyone to use. This process is pretty straightforward wherein we need to create a zip file of the extension and upload to Google servers through Chrome Dashboard. After uploading, the extension will instantly show up in the Chrome store, which can be installed to any … Continue reading

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Free download fonts of 35 famous brands

Wondering how big brands design their logo, wanna know about the typeface they use to make their logo. Your wait is now over. Just sit back and look at these 35 fonts of some of the biggest brands in the market which includes Coca Cola, Google, Puma, Heineken, Ferrari, Hulu, Swatch, Time and many more. Heineken Get the font and … Continue reading

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