Calculate system booting time, exactly and correctly

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Here in this tutorial we’ll be discussing a very simple way to calculate system booting time without use of any software, and in just a few seconds. What we actually do is place a file in the windows startup folder, so when a system boots up the file gets opened and we”ll get our booting time, exactly and correctly.

When a system completely boots-up it run the files present in the startup folder, which is a part of its normal routine. We’ll take advantage of this to calculate the booting time of our system. Lets start,

  1. Make a notepad file, call it boot.txt.
  2. Go to Start menu > All Programs > Startup.
  3. Right Click to see menu, click open.
  4. A new, ‘startup’ window would appear, copy your boot.txt file to this folder.
  5. Close it.
  6. Remove your system login password and shut down the system.
  7. To calculate cold booting time (actual booting time), remove battery.
  8. Plug it back after few minutes and get a stopwatch.
  9. Start timer as you press the power button of your system.
  10. You system starts booting. As you see your desktop get ready to stop the timer.
  11. Stop timer as you see boot.txt file opened on your screen.
  12. The time elapsed is the cold booting time of your system.

Why this method is exact and correct

Booting time of a system is the time elapsed pressing of power button till the system start executing programs. We rightly calculated booting time by starting-up from power button and finishing when the system executed a program (boot.txt), so it’s exact. The other thing that supports our accuracy is the fact that notepad files i.e .txt files have no or very very less delay in the starting up. It’s in nanoseonds, so its doesn’t deviate  the accuracy of system booting time. You can also put command prompt (cmd) in startup folder in place of .txt file.

Softwares are available, why not use them?

Softwares are not that accurate as most of them don’t calculate cold booting time which is the system’s actual booting time. The thing is that they are not accurate, they have to first load themselves before calculating the booting time of a system. This increases an extra process which makes booting slower and inaccurate. The third and the most important one is that they mostly resides at the kernel level and interact with the system directly which could sometimes result in system crash.

But the method we’ve discussed has no such problems and gives the correct result. You can call it the natural way of calculating system booting time.

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