Browse internet faster on slow internet connection (in India)

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Internet connection in India are often so slow that your can go for a tea-break before a webpage loads completely.

Internet users always face slow internet connections, especially those people living in congested areas as they do not have access to broadband services. If you are one of them and having the same problem, here are simple and effective tips to overcome slow internet connection.

Simple tips to increase internet connection speed

1. Never turn off your browser’s cache. By default, its on which allows your web browser to store some data of every website when visited for the first time. This makes your later visits faster.

2. Mostly, JavaScript, Java Applets, the Adobe Flash plug-in and web images consist of bulkiest elements, so make sure they are turned off from the browser settings. This is one great tip to make your internet faster.

browse internet faster on slower internet connection

3. You can use text browsers like Elinks and Lynx. They load only the text data. No image files are loaded. They can be a preferred option for browsing internet faster than usual. They can decrease the bandwidth needed to render web pages.

4. Moreover, OpenDNS is the best option for fast internet connection. If you are using OpenDNS, the URLs of the websites can be resolved into IP address.

5. Sometimes, due to heavy weight of websites, they take longer time than usual. Finch is the best trimmer as it can compress and diminish the size by 90 percent. So, if you are having slow connection and want to download heavy file, you can do that quickly.

6. Google Transcoder service at Google is the also very interesting option as it has the potential of splitting large websites into small pieces. You can download anything on your mobile and computer within a short period of time irrespective of how slow your connection is.

7. You can also enhance the browser cache size because sometimes previously visited sites also create problems and your browser can simple switch from downloading these files if you think that you will visit those sites in future. Thus, you will not have any problem in future while visiting the same sites.

8. Do you know that the text version of a webpage is stored in Cache? And you can click “Cache” link to view it while searching for any webpage on Google. If you are having any problem then this GM script can be installed. “Cached text only” link will be added automatically on Google Search pages close to every “Cached” link.

9. You can also continue your online activities offline. In offline environment, everything is possible such as reed feeds, write blogs and articles and receive & send emails to your friends and family members without any problem. Moreover, web pages can be saved for offline reading through Save Web Pages option.

These are tested amazing tips. You can use them whenever you face any slow internet connection. Are you still wondering!

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